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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tarkan Flies to London

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

The Ihlas News Agency reports that Tarkan and long-term girlfriend Bilge Öztürk flew to London from Istanbul with British Airways yesterday, on the eve of his scheduled Wembley Arena concert.

Under the pen of Alpay Yalçınkaya, the report notes that the star stopped to admire a photography exhibition currently held at Ataturk International Airport's Terminal A, which includes photographer Fatih Ferhat Sürmeli's picture of the Turkish star on his way to New York in 2005.

Tarkan at airportTarkan at airport
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Revealing that he is an amateur photographer himself and highlighting his concerns for the environment, "I love nature photographs. The nature that's disappearing, that we're killing," he said.

The artist had taken a few days out of his hectic schedule to go on a nature trek of Turkey to see the current environmental situation of his home nation, and take some photographs in February.

In response to being asked whether he wanted to open an exhibition, too, the artist replied that he might consider it "not to compete but to bring his hobby to life".

Opened on April 9 and entitled "Airport Through the Lens", images captured by press photographers on duty at the airport will be on display at the international terminal for a month, until being moved to other airports in Ankara and Izmir.

You can view a set of Sürmeli's Tarkan photographs capturing the star on his way to New York at Tarkan Deluxe's sister site Tarkan Visual.

Tarkan Speaks to the Press

On his way to London, Tarkan expressed his pleasure at the airport's gradual improvements and the rise in cultural activities, bringing it up to world standards, with another news agency's report - Cihan News Agency - quoting Tarkan as joking, "If this goes on for much longer we'll have to think about giving a concert here!

"It's good to see such cultural events. It's even better to see meaningful cultural events. To see the press display their artistic side is very important. You've captured me in a great natural photograph," he said, briefly touching on his difficult relationship with the press.

The star also went on to speak to reporters to confirm the recording of a music video to "Pare Pare" including a planned third video shoot, and about his up-coming concert at London's prestigious venue.

"We've been preparing for months. The concert will be at Wembley Arena on Sunday. I'm going to return after that. I've got some filming to do for a music video in Turkey. I'm going to film another music video. We've filmed the video to "Pare Pare". I'm very busy at the moment, I'll be going back and forth," he explained.

Unconfirmed as yet whether Tarkan will be releasing two music videos back-to-back, it is something he has done before with two different tracks, notably for his songs "Gülümse Kaderine" and "Sorma Kalbim" from his 2003 EP Dudu.

And Finally...Tarkan Tracksuits?

Tarkan in VatanTurkish paper Vatan continues to print speculations about Tarkan in its magazine services, this time claiming that the pop star is about to make a venture into the sports wear industry.

Nur Gülmez Bel reports that with the supervision of international designers the artist is producing his own range of tracksuits to carry the "Tarkan" name and is reportedly scheduled to be out in stores this autumn.

The article also reminds readers that the artist has released another product with the "Tarkan" brand - his own perfume range in 2004.

Vatan's magazine section is known for its unsubstantiated rumours, having previously reported that Tarkan is in talks to duet with Mexican-American singer Thalía, to star in a film production and has plans to release a summer single, while also printing the star was preparing to finally wed his girlfriend and help build a school in an impoverished region of Turkey.

Most of these press speculations by Vatan have yet to be collaborated by other stories, or confirmed by official sources.

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