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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tarkan Live from Wembley TV Report

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

ATV's Ozel Hat

Turkish channel ATV's weekly late night entertainment show Özel Hat aired footage from Tarkan's Wembley Arena show last Tuesday.

Including some of the questions asked by reporters after the concert aired by the İhlas Haber Ajans video previously posted by Tarkan Deluxe, the footage also includes a quick chat with Tarkan's girlfriend Bilge Öztürk as she made her way to the car after the show.

ATV's reporters were able to only film the opening concert song "Kuzu Kuzu" from the Turkish pop superstar's performance, due to restrictions placed on them by the arena's officials.

Report Details

The Özel Hat video reveals some errors in an article published by the Hürriyet celebrity supplement Kelebek which had transcribed in part some of the things said that evening.

Contrary to the Kelebek story, the Turkish embassy was not involved in the visa fiasco, in which Tarkan seeming blames "troublesome" officials at British customs rather than whoever applied for the wrong visa.

Moreover, when reporters jokingly told the star his girlfriend was expecting a marriage proposal after seven years of being together, Öztürk did not reportedly agree, but denied that she had said any such thing.

However, the ATV report did put a different spin on the question of what Tarkan thought about comments that his English album venture had been a mistake.

This had reportedly been said by a reputable folk artist who had previously collaborated with Tarkan on his 2003 Dudu EP, but Özel Hat edited it as though pop contemporary Mustafa Sandal had said it.

The video also shows Tarkan's reactions to the latest albums released in the Turkish music industry, including Gülben Ergen and Ibrahim Tatlises' new albums, while laughing off the news that Demet Akalin was reportedly waiting for him to ask her for a duet.

Watch Özel Hat's Wembley Report

Video footage of Tarkan Live at Wembley Arena
(ATV) (Aired on 15 April 2008)

Click on the play button to view if your browser doesn't start the video on load.
Length: 5:25
Size: 5.76 MB
Sound: 158 kbps (Mono)
Language: Turkish (with English subtitles)

Notes: The Turkish press catch up with Tarkan after the first leg of his 2008 Metamorfoz tour at London's Wembley Arena in the UK.

Copyright Notice:
ATV logoThe clip from ATV has been published after reference to their copyright guidelines. If you believe this video infringes someone else's copyright or violates other such Terms of Use, or you contest you own all copyrights in this video, or have express permission from all copyright owners to contest its use, please click here to contact us.

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