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Monday, April 07, 2008

Tarkan Moving on with Music

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany
Excerpts courtesy of Today's Zaman

Tarkan's remarks made to DJ Ritu for BBC London 94.9 FM during an interview on her "A World in London" show - the second and final part which was aired last Saturday - have been picked up by Turkish media conglomerate Zaman's English daily, Today's Zaman.

A few years ago having been noted for moving into the hip-hop genre with his self-stalled English venture Come Closer, the artist has seemingly changed his mind about deviating from his own homegrown music while chatting to BBC London's DJ Ritu, who visited Istanbul last month to conduct the interview.

Of the latest trends in Turkish music, "Turkish rock, Turkish hip-hop is not original, it's something we really are not," Today's Zaman has quoted Tarkan as saying.

"Pop is changing direction in Turkey I think, because it has been overdone and overused so many times in Turkey. So many songs that were not really hits [were] played by radio stations and we got sick of them and you know mostly, just one song on an album was a hit and the rest wasn't. People lost faith in pop albums in Turkey. So some young artists have tried to [create] some different kinds of music ... It's nice that some young talents are trying to be more valuable with their music," the singer-songwriter explained.

Concert Plans for 2008

Tarkan features in Today's Zaman supplement, March 2008The English daily's report about the London radio interview - as part of the promotions for the scheduled Wembley Arena show on 13 April - also mentions plans for a Turkish tour, "several gigs in Germany", and an appearance at Hermitage Square in St. Petersburg on May 27 as part of Turkish Culture Year events in Russia. The paper has featured the Russian event in its Today's Tourism supplement (March 19-22, 2008), too.

Sourcing from the BBC interview, the report adds that among the artist's concert plans is a show in Mexico as well, while alongside music, he wants to start a new phase in his life in which he spends more time on charity projects.

Last month Billboard magazine reported unsubstantiated rumours that the artist was in discussions over taking part in a series of international concerts planned by non-profit global peace advocacy group World Peace One, along with some of the world's best-known acts including U2, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. The concerts, scheduled to begin May 17, are being planned as a part of the group's 10-year campaign to also include education and government initiatives.

"Besides music I'm starting to work on this new path in my life ... I really want to help [protect] nature because I think that [people] underestimate the power of nature and that we are part of nature. There's a foundation in Turkey and we are going to do some amazing projects together," he says in the interview, referring to a partnership contract he signed earlier this year with Turkish nature conservation society Doğa Derneği. In addition, Turkish paper Sabah has recently reported that Tarkan has put his name on a petition to stop the building of two nuclear reactors in Turkey along with over eighty other artists.

"I just went on this journey in Turkey a few days ago, taking pictures of different places where nature is being destroyed. We have thousands of flamingos in Turkey, but people have to know they are there. We have to preserve nature. So I want to do some different things in my life," Tarkan said.

The second part of the interview - where Tarkan's classic hits "Dudu" and "Şikidim" were played during the report - can be accessed again for the next seven days only at

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