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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tarkan News Snippets

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

A round-up of news snippets, to see how Tarkan's making the news in the Turkish press at the start of this month, provides a brief insight and sometimes quirky look at the artist and the papers in his local market.

Tarkan Designs Coach Bag for Charity

Tarkan designing his Coach bagTurkish newspaper Milliyet has published an article about Tarkan and Coach Inc., where proceeds from a Tarkan designed Coach bag purchase will benefit a local charity.

Coach is looking to repeat the success of their US celebrity bags campaign in Turkey. Launched with 29 celebrities from Istanbul and 3 from Hollywood offering their Coach bags for sale, the campaign proceeds - which will see celebrity designed bags sold for charity - will benefit children suffering from leukaemia.

The 32 bags will be on display at the luxury label's store at İstinye Park in Istanbul, between 16 May to 1 June, after which date the bags will be despatched to buyers.

Prospective buyers can view and bid for the luxury, hand-designed bags at

Tarkan bagTarkan bag

Coach is an American luxury goods company that is famous for ladies' handbags, as well as items for both men and women.

Tarkan is a Brand Name

In the field of music and economics, both Turkish papers Milliyet and Takvim have reported about Tarkan being viewed as a brand name by the majority of the Turkish buying public last year.

The survey, undertaken by the Nielsen company in its designated Turkish media market, showed that 2007's results hadn't changed with previous years; two thirds of those polled still consider Tarkan as one of the top three celebrities considered to have become a brand name synonymous with commercial success.

His trademark image with the commercial sector seems even more interesting, as the other two artists have diversified into other markets, with Tarkan almost solely producing music.

The Nielsen company, via Nielsen Media Research, is a world leader in media and market research.

Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen Music Control Turkish chartOn a related subject, Nielsen Music Control figures - the results of which are used by the Turkish Billboard chart - show that even after three months of release and little promotion, Tarkan is still in the top five.

Nielsen Music Control monitors music broadcast radio and television stations across Turkey to produce its ratings and is part of the Nielsen company.

Based on its fingerprinting technology, Nielsen Music Control monitors nearly 800 radio and TV channels in 19 European countries, with its sister society Nielsen BDS covering the US and Canada and monitors approximately 1,600 channels. In addition to providing official airplay charts their product range also includes digital download charts in 17 European countries, tracking music sales on the internet from over 180 providers.

Tarkan TV Appearances

There are rumours in press circles that Tarkan has entered the studio to begin filming in Istanbul for his second music video. The recent removal of the music poll posted at his official site to determine the choice of song seems to substantiate this claim. had gathered in the results of the music poll late last month, publishing "Dilli Düdük" as the chosen track, even though "Dedikodu" had taken the most votes by a slim majority of 2%.

Indicating that the poll had been more in the nature of a survey to gauge the most popular tracks, one possibility could be that Tarkan, pleased with the response the track received, is going ahead to film a video to his first choice. There are no official confirmations, however, at time of going to press.

Demet AkalinMeanwhile, with a 2008 album out and using Tarkan's name to try and boost her exposure in the press, ageing female pop starlet Demet Akalın is still being mentioned in the papers in regard to wanting to duet with Tarkan, as previously reported.

Newspaper Sabah now reports of her frustration with the elusive star, who allegedly hasn't been forthcoming in her demands. Of more interest, however, is that the Sabah piece claims Tarkan's domestic manager Uygar Ataş to have mentioned the possibility of Tarkan showing up at a successful late night talk show on Turkish TV station, Kanal D.

The show's host, stand-up comedian Beyazıt Öztürk (more popularly known as Beyaz), had been campaigning for months to get the Turkish superstar on his weekly entertainment slot, when news had been released of plans for Tarkan to appear at MTV's Turkish studios instead. However, fans are still waiting for a TV report from either channel to materialise with their favourite pop idol.

And finally, Takvim makes a brief mention of Tarkan in two articles: female columnist Nilgün Tahmaz bemoans the descent of state broadcaster TRT into popular TV provoked by Tarkan's end-of-year show, and a respected folk artist - who worked with the popster on his 2003 Dudu EP - commented on a TV show that Tarkan had a great voice but "his English album was a mistake".

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