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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tarkan Wows Wembley

Press Release reported by British culture agency Prickly Pear

Tarkan at Wembley © Fuat ErmanFollowing months of anticipation, international superstar Tarkan blew away a 5,000 strong crowd on Sunday night with his 1.5 hour spectacular show at Wembley Arena, London. Organised by music promoters Absolute Events, this was the artist's first UK concert in seven years and featured his best loved tracks, as well as songs from his latest album, Metamorfoz.

Fans travelled extensively – some from as far afield as Texas, USA – to watch the concert, and the superstar did not disappoint, wowing the Wembley audience with his performance. The plush stage exploded into life with Tarkan's opening song "Kuzu Kuzu". The 35 year-old gyrated along to his classic hits such as "Simarik" and let rip with English tracks such as "Start the Fire" and "Bounce", while showing his sensitive side with "Istanbul Agliyor". As fans bayed for more, the megastar's concert concluded with encore track "Dilli Duduk".

Among the audience were reggae superstar Shaggy's UK publisher Kennedy Mensah and Turkish pop and rock stars Gokce and Kargo. The London concert kicked off Tarkan's international Metamorfoz tour, which will include dates in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Picture courtesy of Fuat Erman.

Concert Report at
By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's official site has updated its front page to report on the Wembley Arena event, noting that a large number of English fans had been present alongside members from London's Turkish community.

However, a discrepancy can be seen in the number of people that attended the concert in the English version of the text at, with 6,000 reported rather than the 5,000 published in the Turkish version.

The concise post describes last Sunday's concert as a success, and numbers the amount of songs Tarkan had included in his repertoire for the evening.

Tarkan's official site reports on the concertTarkan's official site reports on the concert
Differences in reporting between the Turkish and English versions

"Even though Tarkan sang 30 songs during his performance to a crowd of nearly 5,000 people, he gave a double encore due to popular demand," the Turkish report revealed.

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