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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gloss Covers Taboo-Busting Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In a summary of the news reports involving Tarkan in the past two weeks, the society mags all featured the recent Tarkan flavoured F1 party, while one glossy magazine's Tarkan write-up fuelled the latest press speculations about Turkey's top pop artist's love life - who is not afraid to publicly label marriage as clichéd in his conservative home society.

Society Mags F1 Gloss: Tarkan@Reina for Official F1 Party

Tarkan in the society mags

International issues of Hello! and OK!, and Turkey's own society magazine Şamdan Plus, in their 14 May editions all featured articles on the Turkish leg of the F1 event, and Tarkan's performance at a promotional show for the official sponsor of the Turkish F1.

As previously reported, Tarkan took to the stage at the Istanbul club Reina to entertain the guests at the official F1 party on 10 May, the evening before the Turkish F1 took place in the Turkish cultural capital. The glossy pages report how Istanbul's socialites and jet-set converged at Tarkan's party, and had a great time.

The reporting disputes media portal Haberturk's claim that because Tarkan had performed playback the audience had left feeling disappointed.

Newspaper Takvim had published a purported response from the artist to the criticism of not having sung live at Reina, too, with the artist stating that there had been no expectation he would sing live as a playback performance had been one of the terms of the contract.

The top society pages also followed Tarkan at the day of the main race, featuring photos of the pop star enjoying a day out at the track. The star attended the event as a special guest of the sponsors.

OK! Says Taboo-busting Tarkan Won't Marry

OK! logo; OK! talks about taboo-busting Tarkan's refusal to marryIn addition to the F1 reports in the second week of May editions, the Turkish issue of OK! magazine ran an article on Tarkan based on a brief chat in Istanbul with a reporter (Issue 18, "Celebrity News", pgs 24-25) that had been aired on Turkish TV. OK! writes that reporter Mustafa Kızıgınyürek caught up with the artist as he left a party given at Anjelique Bar, celebrating the wrapping up of his music video "Pare Pare" after a hard day's filming.

Due to the TV airing of the interview, it had initially been thought that the artist was at a party given with Metin Arolat, who is reported to have directed Tarkan's third music video from his award-winning album Metamorfoz.

Not really an interview with the star, but replies to a few questions, the video footage of the talk - which sees a slightly intoxicated Tarkan making his way to his chauffeur driven vehicle - was aired on entertainment shows across Turkey's national TV stations in the first half of May.

Even though the artist mentioned his desire to act in a movie, his busy concert schedule for 2008, and confirmed the rumoured release of a new remix version of his Metamorfoz album, the journalist focused on the artist's personal views on the traditional institution of marriage.

Marriage is a Cliché

Tarkan caught outside Anjelique Bar in IstanbulAlso re-printed in an article by media portal Haberturk, the article focused on one of the most directed question by the Turkish press at the artist: marriage. Tarkan's brief comments about wedlock this time saw the artist stress more than ever that he was not ready to tie the knot.

"I'm not afraid. I believe in love. Marriage is a cliché and a public taboo," he said.

The artist went on to say that he wanted children, but didn't think he needed to be married to become a father and was even thinking of adoption. Using Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as examples, the artist explained the race or origin of the child didn't matter, either.

"Wanting a child doesn't mean you want to get married. I'm thinking of adoption. There are many needy children in the world. The child can be Chinese, or Japanese. German, too."

It appears the artist has reverted from a warming towards the idea of marriage in early 2007 back to his original views, disputing rumours that he had been on the verge of marrying his long-term partner, female lawyer Bilge Öztürk.

Tarkan Single Once Again?

As a result of Tarkan's comments, the OK! report has come to be known as the one that reportedly helped end his relationship with his seven year partner, with media channels recently publishing speculations that Öztürk - a constant fixture by the star's side - has not been seen with Tarkan ever since his Wembley concert in April this year because the couple have parted ways.

Citing confirmation from sources close to the couple and her absence from Tarkan's 23 April performance for TRT, his opening of an office for Doğa Derneği, his first university spring festival and his promotional shows at Discorium and Reina, reports claim that Öztürk has removed all her belongings from the artist's villa in Istanbul, where they had lived together.

"When time allows, I'll always be with him at his concerts," she had said to the TV cameras, when last seen leaving Wembley Arena in London.

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