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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

News Round Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Crystal Globe Awards
Tarkan has been awarded an honorary Crystal Globe award at the 1st Manavgat Crystal Globe convention
In a quick look at some of the news stories briefly relating to Tarkan in the press, Turkish paper Sabah has reported that Tarkan's Coach bag - specially hand designed by the artist for charity - has already found a buyer before auction day, while there are also reports that he has been awarded an honorary Crystal Globe award for his contributions to tourism at the 1st Manavgat Crystal Globe convention.

The artist is accredited with doing more to promote Turkey than any other artist of his - or any other - generation with his successes, including his pull of bringing Russian tourists to his home shows.

Tarkan did not attend yesterday evening's ceremony, but it is assumed he will be presented with his award on stage when he performs at the 15th Barış Suyu Turkish Culture and Tourism Festival in Manavgat in June this year.

Tarkan's Celebrity Security

Plus, while Sabah prints that Tarkan spoke to Turkish channel Star TV's entertainment show "Zoom" last week - the same station the artist was thinking of bringing legal action action against for its defamatory news broadcasts - there are also reports that Tarkan's security team will be busy guarding some international celebrities making their way to Turkey.

With Paris Hilton (for a beauty pageant) and Josh Holloway from US drama Lost (to shoot a commercial for ice-cream Magnum) been and gone - and even the Queen of England about to embark on Turkish shores - the security team that became famous with Tarkan is now preparing to guard singer Kylie Minogue as she flies into Istanbul for 3 days, to give a show Sabah reports.

After Holloway, Minogue is also scheduled to appear on Turkish station Kanal D's late night entertainment slot Beyaz Show, the host of which has been campaigning to get Tarkan on the show for a long time.

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