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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tarkan News Snippets Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Glancing through the May celebrity news columns in Turkey sees Tarkan popping up in stories filled with speculation and rumour, about joint projects, expensive purchases and the end of a seven year relationship.

Tarkan & Bilge: Taking Time Out?

The press are making the most of the apparent break-up between Tarkan and his girlfriend Bilge Öztürk, with reports quoting Tarkan as having confirmed the split, although when and where the artist made the statements are not clear.

"Bilge and I have separated. Seven years is a long time to be together. We needed some space apart. That's why we decided to split up. We haven't come together for a while, but kept in touch by phone. We're not angry at each other. Our friendship continues," the artist allegedly explained.

However, celebrity gossips still speculate that Tarkan's most recent comments about marriage and adoption finally put an end to an already cooling relationship.

Working Together?

To continue with rumours - whether unsubstantiated gossip generated by newspaper Sabah to promote a singer or not - the story is that Tarkan called up Turkish supermodel-turned-singer to congratulate her on her latest musical contribution.

Turkey's most famous pop star reputedly called Ayşe Hatun Önal to express how much he had enjoyed listening to her 2008 album.

"This is the best album I've heard all year. Let's work together in the future. I loved your songs," Tarkan is quoted to have said.

Plus, a work partner of a different kind has seemingly been leaked by Aydın Hamza, in an article for paper Takvim, where the reporter reveals a rumour that no die-hard Tarkan fan would want to contemplate: a duet with pop artist Mustafa Sandal.

Although a personal pop rivalry doesn't exist between the two artists, their fans share a rivalry, which is often blown out of proportion by the Turkish celebrity press.

Tarkan Accessories

Moving further away from music, in an update to Tarkan's Coach bag - specially hand designed by the artist for a local charity - the winning bidder of the luxury fashion item was revealed to be the spokesperson of the charity Dr. Gündüz Gedikoğlu for his wife Sevgi, while in relation to Tarkan's own acquisitions, if the celebrity gossip portals are to be believed, his latest buys include expensive jewellery and a snow-making machine.

Celebrity gossips claim that Tarkan has ordered three snow-making machines for his villa, which is still under refurbishment, from the USA priced at $2,500 each.

The buzz making the gossip circles in the celebrity press allege that Tarkan is buying them for parties he will give for friends when his home is ready for the artist to move in, to decorate with fake snow.

Tarkan holding a child during his visit to southwestern Turkey
The eye-catching earring
Meanwhile, not involving something fake, female celebrity correspondent Özlem Uçar, for Akşam paper's magazine service, claims that Tarkan's latest fashion accessory is an expensive diamond earring, as seen sporting when the artist was recently in southern Turkey to open a nature conservation office.

The report suggests that after analysing the 5 carat stone, expert jewellers have described it as being "from top quality stone", with its value estimated at staring from $30,000.

In the Akşam article, the artist also warns young fans off using hair gel to style their hair.

"It's flattering to see them want to imitate my hairstyle. But they use too much hair gel. I don't use it, they shouldn't use it either. It makes your hair fall out," he is reported to have said.

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