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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tarkan Press Stories Update

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan fans are emailing Tarkan Deluxe in confusion and curiosity about information being distributed in relation to the Turkish pop artist's next music video from his award-winning album Metamorfoz.

The confusion comes from reports from Turkish TV's entertainment shows this May that reportedly claimed Tarkan was celebrating the completion of a third video, this time with fan favourite singer and artist Metin Arolat, while the magazine the TV reports originate from writes that Tarkan was celebrating the wrapping up of his second music video "Pare Pare".

It is not known whether Tarkan has filmed a video to either tracks "Dilli Düdük" or "Dedikodu" or both with Arolat, and whether one or both will be aired at the start of the summer.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview published by Turkish paper Sabah with female singer Kibariye after the release of her 2008 album, she briefly talks about her friendship with Tarkan and how she came to duet with the Turkish pop artist in 2006.

"I know Tarkan [from the very beginning. When Tarkan first came out in 1992] I was hosting a show on [Turkish TV station] Kanal 6. That's when we first met. He said to me, "One day you'll sing my songs." He never forgot his promise. When I was preparing my previous album he called me and said, "Let me give you a song. Let's duet together." [...] Tarkan ... has become a living legend in our industry," she is reported to have said.

Her friendship with the pop artist is well documented, and although Tarkan did not attend this year's music industry awards, Kibariye had presented the pop artist's platinum sales award to Samsun Demir, from the album's distributor music label DMC, calling out from the podium "I love you Tarkan!"

And finally, reporter Bülent Cankurt, writing in his gossip column for Turkish newspaper Sabah, claims that Tarkan and his girlfriend of seven years have resolved their differences and are back together again after a week long separation.

Cankurt labels the speculations about the couple and the reasons for the split as "conspiracy theories", and admits to not knowing for sure what caused the couple to cool towards each other this past week.

However, indicating that he has it on good authority from Tarkan's girlfriend herself, he writes that as far as she is concerned they are back together again.

Media portal Haberturk recently reported that the celebrity couple had been close to setting a date for the wedding, but Tarkan had changed his mind, putting an unbearable strain on their relationship.

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