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Friday, May 30, 2008

Tarkan Press Stories

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe brings another mix of news stories doing the rounds in the Turkish celebrity press columns about Turkish pop star Tarkan.

Germany Wants Tarkan

Sterne: Tarkan for German Eurovision 2009Turkish paper Takvim has reported about German weekly news magazine Stern (Star) and its mention of Tarkan as an option to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song contest (see left pic).

After the fallout of coming one of the bottom three songs at the 2008 contest, headlined as "With Whom Could We Win?", the German magazine reasoned its choice as one because Tarkan "simply has star quality". Noting that the Turkish artist was born in Germany, and studied classical music in Istanbul, it was also stated that Turkey would actually give Germany points in the competition to if he were selected.

Takvim goes on to claim that Tarkan might be persuaded for an "astronomical sum" and that some circles in Germany were already debating if Tarkan were chosen whether his entry would be in English or Turkish.

Most countries, specifically western European entrants, have been criticising Orthodox Christian countries for damaging the reputation of the song contest as a result of its block voting, irrelevant of the merits of the music.

This year's winner Russia has also been singled out for using money and promotion to unfair advantage over the other contestants and that they were "the political winners from the beginning" as top presenter Terry Wogan was quoted by the BBC as saying.

Even if Tarkan was invited to represent Germany, it is unlikely the artist would accept, as he has refused his home nation Turkey's offer to take part in the contest several times.

Press on Tarkan's Private Life

Newspaper Posta puts Tarkan on its front pageMeanwhile, the domestic press are still speculating about the current status of the Turkish pop star's private life, and - now with sources hinting that he is single and back on the market - his name is being linked with other female celebrities.

However, Turkish paper Posta added a new piece of gossip to the mounting speculation on its front page on Wednesday (see left pic).

The paper claims that Tarkan ended the relationship because his girlfriend refused to stop seeing a rock singer she had become good friends with, while also noting that other sources were claiming that the relationship ended because of the Turkish pop star seeing the young Israeli model who had appeared in his "Vay Anam Vay" video.

Media portal Haberturk recently reported that the celebrity couple had been close to setting a date for the wedding, but Tarkan had changed his mind, putting an unbearable strain on their relationship.

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