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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tarkan's Concert Calendar European Tour Dates

Tarkan's German organiser of his new European tour promoting the Hamburg show in October '08
Tarkan's German organiser of his new European tour promoting the Hamburg show in October '08
The official tour deejay for Tarkan's European leg of his Metamorfoz concert series, DJ Alem, has emailed Tarkan Deluxe to notify our readers that the dates for the Turkish pop star's new European shows are ready, with his concert schedule for 2008 promising to be one of the busiest the artist has had in recent years.

During the months of October, November and December, under the organisation of promoter Prime Time Events (whose site will come online 1 June), Tarkan's Metamorfoz European Tour currently includes six German venues, alongside scheduled dates in Austria, the Netherlands and France.

Tarkan had last appeared in Austria for a festival in 2006, and had given a concert in the Netherlands in 2007.

The artist had planned to give a show in Paris in 2007, but this had been postponed along with some German concerts in 2006, which have all been added to the new schedule apart from a date for Frankfurt in Germany.

Tickets for the new European tour will be available online from from 3 June 2008.

Tarkan had recently released dates for his Doritos sponsored Turkish Metamorfoz Tour this summer, which will see the artist travelling across his home nation to give nine concerts in one month.

Dates & Venues (All dates are subject to change)

10-11.05 21-22.05.2008 : Baku, Azerbaijan, Yasil Teatr Complex
24.05.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey, Bilgi University (Santralistanbul)
21.06.2008 : Manavgat, Turkey, Manavgat Festival
26.07.2008 : Bolu, Turkey
29.07.2008 : Erdek, Turkey
01.08.2008 : Bursa, Turkey (Doritos)
07.08.2008 : Diyarbakir, Turkey (Doritos)
09.08.2008 : Gaziantep, Turkey (Doritos)
11.08.2008 : Adana, Turkey (Doritos)
13.08.2008 : Kayseri, Turkey (Doritos)
15.08.2008 : Antalya, Turkey (Doritos)
24.08.2008 : Trabzon, Turkey (Doritos)
27.08.2008 : Ankara, Turkey (Doritos)
30.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey (Doritos)
02.10.2008 : Munich, Germany, Zenith die Kulturhalle
03.10.2008 : Düsseldorf, Germany, Philippshalle
04.10.2008 : Hamburg, Germany, Sporthalle
24.10.2008 : Vienna, Austria, Pyramide
31.10.2008 : Berlin, Germany, Tempodrom
01.11.2008 : Offenbach, Germany, Stadthalle
07.11.2008 : Paris, France, Le Zénith
08.11.2008 : Stuttgart, Germany, Messehallen
14.12.2008 : Amsterdam, Netherlands, Heiniken Musik Hall

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