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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tarkan's Concert Calendar New Date (2008)

New concert dateIn addition to two concert venues at the Yasil Teatr Complex in Baku, Azerbaijan and four new concert dates published in April at Tarkan's official site, an extra concert date has been added - a venue for another university.

According to, there are plans for Tarkan to appear at Yeditepe University on the 16 May, while eight days later the artist is scheduled to perform at Santralistanbul, a centre for culture and arts. Originally the first power plant to be built in Istanbul during the Ottoman period, the old power station is being conserved and renovated by the prestigious Istanbul Bilgi University.

Another two new dates in July find Tarkan making a showing at Bolu and Erdek in Turkey, while a fourth date is the confirmation of a previously reported festival in Turkey.

The concerts section also lists nine provisional appearances across areas of Turkey that completely span the country - without giving new specific dates or venues - indicating that the artist is preparing for a national Metamorfoz tour on a grand scale similar in size to the Karma shows in 2001.

Dates & Venues (All dates are subject to change)

16.05.2008: Istanbul, Turkey, Yeditepe University
10-11.05 21-22.05.2008 : Baku, Azerbaijan, Yasil Teatr Complex
24.05.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey, Bilgi University (Santralistanbul)
21.06.2008 : Manavgat, Turkey, Manavgat Festival
26.07.2008 : Bolu, Turkey
29.07.2008 : Erdek, Turkey

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