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Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Eye on Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe has once again monitored the Turkish press for Tarkan-related news to bring to its readers, and stories dug up include other artists that have mentioned the Turkish pop star this past week.

Turkish paper Sabah reports that on a trip to Turkey to appear at a festival in the Aegean region, the members of tribute group "Boney M" have confessed to being fans of Turkish music, especially Tarkan.

The paper reports the band members as commenting that, "Turkey has recently made some important advancements in music. We especially follow Tarkan's progress closely."

Meanwhile, Turkish paper Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek has printed an interview with male singer Serhan Sokulgan about the release of his début album, where he talks about Tarkan - lauding the star for his achievements in the Turkish music industry.

Stating that he wouldn't mind singing a Tarkan song in the future, Sokulgan stressed that home artists criticising Tarkan needed to get some perspective.

"I wouldn't mind if those that gab about Tarkan had managed to achieve one tenth of what he has done ... People need to take a step back. Tarkan has achieved things that no one else has or will manage to do," the singer is reported to have said.

Keeping it in the Family

Other news involves the female disc jockey Berna Öztürk, sister to the Turkish pop star's long-term girlfriend, Bilge. Nicknamed as "Tarkan's sister-in-law" by the celebrity press, the outspoken DJ has recently released a compilation of international tracks that she plays at gigs - becoming the first Turkish female DJ to do so.

Sister Öztürk had recently revealed to the press on the eve of her dance album's release that she had remixed one of Tarkan's tracks from Metamorfoz for a new remixed version of Tarkan's album planned to be released this summer.

Trappings of Stardom

Tarkan NakedAnd finally, celebrating 41 years in circulation, celebrity gossip magazine Hafta Sonu has put its magazine archives on display at an exhibition in Istanbul.

Known for uncovering scandals of the rich and famous, the magazine had previously released a special issue that took a retrospective look at the magazine's history, and the news-breaking gossip headlines that graced their pages for nearly five decades.

One such headline had involved Tarkan in 1994, when the celebrity magazine had published private pictures of the artist revealing all in provocative poses, which gained him nationwide notoriety, with the Turkish pop artist unable to discover how Hafta Sonu had come to get the pictures.

In an earlier issue this year, the magazine had listed Turkish male celebrities that had "stripped for stardom", printing an old picture of Tarkan washing himself down in swimwear while reminding its readers that Hafta Sonu had been the first to run a series of shoots of Tarkan undressed in 1994.

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