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Monday, June 30, 2008

Tarkan's Shopping Mall Show Update

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Premium Mall Antalium in Kundu, Antalya
Premium Mall Antalium in Kundu, Antalya
Tarkan Deluxe yesterday published a report about Tarkan's concert at the Antalium Premium Mall in the tourist region of Kundu, Antalya, to celebrate the opening of the newly constructed shopping complex, which a reporter from Turkish paper Akşam - specially invited to watch the show by organisers Fashion TV - described Tarkan as Turkey's greatest performer after attending the show.

Yesterday evening, news broadcasts from the main national Turkish TV stations aired details about the show, with footage from the live performance.

The excerpts reveal Tarkan's energetic performance to a massive crowd of tourists, generating his own unique heat during a very hot night by singing songs such as "Vay Anam Vay" and "Arada Bir" alongside such classics as "Şıkıdım" and "Hüp".

With a towel hung around his neck for some parts of the show, the Turkish pop artist reportedly drank water after every song to battle heat fatigue, and advised his audience to do the same.

In regard to attendance figures, there are discrepancies between Turkish press reports. Initial write-ups quote those that attended as two thousand, while later press releases have reported attendance figures as closer to 25,000 people, counting German, Dutch and Israeli tourists along with the Russians numbered amongst those that took part in the music extravaganza.

Tarkan on Show TV's Evening News Broadcast

Watch Show TV's News Footage about Tarkan's Antalium Show
(Show TV) (Aired: 29 June 2008)

Click on the play button to view if your browser doesn't start the video on load.
Length: 2:01
Size: 2.32 MB
Sound: 158 kbps (Mono)
Language: Turkish

Notes: Concert footage from Show TV's news broadcast about Tarkan's concert for the opening of the Antalium Premium Mall in Kundu, Antalya.

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