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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tarkan and Bilge Split

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's official site released a joint press statement with his long-term girlfriend lawyer Bilge Öztürk to announce their split yesterday.

Together for seven years and noted for being Tarkan's longest and most stable relationship, the pair separated on good terms.

Press Statement Reveals "Amicable Split"

The statement published at reveals that the pair made a joint decision to end the relationship as friends.

While admitting that their separation and silence over the last two months had given rise to a lot of press speculation - including denials from Öztürk and Tarkan - the statement prints that all stories regarding the matter have been incorrect.

Touching on the issue of the media's cynical perception of the relationship in the past, using sensational headlines about the couple to sell papers, the press release also asks that the Turkish press now respect the privacy and solemnity of the occasion and to cease further speculation on the matter at this time.

The statement continues to explain that over seven years the couple have developed and shared much, and will continue on their life journey together in support and friendship.

The press statement gives no reason for the split, but only indirectly suggests that the couple have grown apart.

While some TV reports quote Tarkan explaining the need to concentrate on his music career, there is no mention of this in the wording of the official press release.

UPDATE: Read the details of the TV report >>

However, the Turkish pop artist has always been concerned that the Turkish press have focused more on the pop star's private life and his relationship with Öztürk, rather than his music projects.

Turkish Press Reaction

Unsurprisingly, the pop star's domestic press have not respected the couple's wishes, and have already begun speculations over the amicable split.

Stories are circulating that Öztürk, recently seen out with her sister in Istanbul, has quickly forgotten Tarkan, and that she is reportedly concentrating on "her family and career."

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