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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tarkan Heats Up Kyrenia

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany
(Additional reporting by Aphrodisios Theodopolous in Pafos, Cyprus)

Viva! Casino's preparations for the Tarkan concert
Viva! Casino prepares for the Tarkan concert
According to Turkish news agency Ihlas Haber Ajans, a crowd of five thousand people flocked to see Tarkan perform live in the coastal town of Kyrenia, on the divided island of Cyprus, while local papers and eyewitness reports claim the number to be nearer eight thousand attendants to a 12 July show that is being hailed as one of the largest the island has ever hosted (see the pics here).

Hosted as a private function for Viva! Casino under the management of Cyprus Workshop, personnel have confirmed that as there was great competition for front row tickets in a special VIP section, they decided to open the rest of the arena to the public free of charge.

With people from Greece, Turkey and both sides of the divided island at the concert, Tarkan's music managed to keep the peace for the entire duration of show, with hits such as "Şımarık" and "Kuzu Kuzu" and tracks from his award-winning 2007 album Metamorfoz.

Front page of KIBRIS paperHeadlined as the "Tarkan Earthquake", the Turkish pop star's concert made the front page of the most widely-read newspaper in the north of the island, KIBRIS, on Sunday, while today Mustafa Özsoy's article in the popular paper writes of an organisation that spanned weeks in careful preparation for the arrival of Turkey's greatest international pop star.

Arriving alongside the music artist on Saturday for that evening's show, Tarkan's own DJ appeased the crowd as the scheduled start of the concert at 10.00 p.m. (local time) was delayed by a quarter of an hour.

The crowd didn't seem to mind, however, as they greeted the pop star with chants of "Tarkan, Tarkan" and with a top performance, Tarkan ensured the fans that it had been worth the wait.

Special Invite Declined?

And finally, fans have been emailing the blog to query whether our founder Ali Yildirim, who has recently arrived back to the island from the UK, had attended the concert.

While official sources claim that Ali Yildirim was specially invited to the concert but declined - citing prior engagements in the south of the island researching Cyprus' immigration problems - Tarkan Deluxe correspondents have been unable so far to get in touch with Mr Yildirim to get a direct confirmation.

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