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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tarkan Gets Deep in Antalya

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Concert reportTarkan was in favourite tourist spot Antalya's Beach Park for the sixth leg of his Turkish Metamorfoz Tour yesterday evening.

An early news report by Internet Haber (see top left pic) writes that Tarkan entertained fans in a show sponsored by snack giant Doritos, and that before he sung his cover to folksong "Uzun Ince Yoldayım" (Dudu, 2003), he said, "Turkey is currently in need of folksongs and to hear such deep and meaningful words."

Tarkan in AntalyaTarkan in Antalya
Tarkan in Antalya; Pictures courtesy of Gazeteport and

Meanwhile, other news reports write that Tarkan sprayed the audience with water on their request, as the weather was so hot, and a local news portal ran with the headline that Tarkan "blew Antalya away".

Tarkan arrived in the region with a crew of 12 lorries, and activities were provided by Doritos for the audience before the start of the show, while five lucky winners of a competition run by Doritos' official site got the chance to meet with the Turkish pop star at the show.

Antalya is a regular concert stop for the pop artist; he has given a series of private concerts for hotel chains in the region on special occasions.

Hürriyet Report: "Tarkan's Hot Night"

Tarkan at Club Kemer Aura after his Antalya showElsewhere, paper Hürriyet has run an article writing that nearly ten thousand people were at the show, and the star joked with fans that they would all "have to strip tonight" because of the heat.

The news story also has a twist on the water spraying, claiming that fans sprayed Tarkan to try and keep him cool, but the star warned them off the gesture, saying that it was making the stage slippery.

"The floor is getting slippery, I can't dance," he is quoted as saying.

Hürriyet's article goes on to reveal that the energetic star went to a club in Kemer after the show, where a beauty queen contest was being held.

Dancing with the girls and the Russian tourists, the story claims that Tarkan was the last to leave the club.

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