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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tarkan's Harbiye Show

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Turkish celebrities attended the Istanbul show
Turkish celebrities attended the Istanbul show
Alongside his series of summer concerts as part of his Doritos sponsored Turkish Metamorfoz Tour, Tarkan is also performing live at the Harbiye in Istanbul as part of the 4th annual Harbiye open air concerts, under the sponsorship of Avea and organised by HITT.

CNN Türk reports of the first of Tarkan's performances at the Harbiye this year, which took place yesterday evening on the 4 August.

Singing to a crowd of nearly six thousand (with Turkish celebrities such as Demet Akalın and Gülşen in the front row), the news channel reports that Sunday saw Istanbul come alive with Tarkan's repertoire of old and latest tracks as he opened Avea's series of open air concerts at the Harbiye.

After long rehearsals, the article writes that the concert was an unforgettable performance, with Tarkan giving acoustic renditions of such classic hits as "Kuzu Kuzu" and "Ayrılık Zor".

According to the CNN report, the artist also sang Turkish classical pieces due to requests from the audience, although other reports have published that Tarkan sang the songs as part of his performance's second act.

From other sources, Turkish paper Akşam touches on Tarkan's unflagging energy during three hours of performing, while Takvim concentrates on the Turkish classical part of his performance - and Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek quotes Tarkan as saying that giving a concert in Istanbul was something special.

Tarkan at the HarbiyeTarkan at the Harbiye
Tarkan at the HarbiyeTarkan at the Harbiye
Tarkan at the Harbiye; Pictures courtesy of Gazeteport and CNN Türk

With tickets selling out soon after news of the show was broadcast, CNN Türk reports that Tarkan is planning to give two more concerts at the Harbiye for the 17 and 18 August. The artist is also preparing to guest star at Fahir Atakoğlu's Harbiye performance on 6 August.

Tarkan had broken all known attendance records by giving five sell-out shows at the open air theatre in 2006.

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