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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tarkan Live in Germany

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

With Tarkan's three October shows in Germany over, readers have been emailing Tarkan Deluxe with pictures and reports from the concerts.

While there is an almost unified glorification of the Düsseldorf concert, which readers have described as a "spectacular sold-out" event, others have written to complain about the disastrous handling of the Hamburg show - so much so that it left many fans with a bad feeling towards Tarkan, his management and the show's organiser.

Official sources have notified the blog that due to their cited "success" of the German shows, there are plans for more German concerts in December, including a much sought after appearance in German capital of Berlin - although any new venues have yet to be confirmed by official sites at time of writing.

The Düsseldorf Show

Emails describe Tarkan at Düsseldorf as a "God" and with the jam-packed crowd as "near hysteria".

"The crowd on the floor was just pulsating. I never got to see him in concert while in Turkey and now I am glad I finally did. He is an absolute performer... Anyone that has not had the opportunity to see him perform should absolutely grab the next opportunity when it comes," wrote one American reader currently living in Germany.

As Tarkan gave an energetic performance of a string of hits that have made its mark across Turkey and the European continent, another fan from Belgium who traveled to Germany for the event - emphasising that the show had exceeded all expectation - explained that the majority of the audience seemed to be Turkish, with some German and visiting tourists.

One fan who flew from the Midlands in the UK to be in Düsseldorf described the scene as "something out of fantasy, both exciting and unbelievable at the same time".

Tarkan in DüsseldorfTarkan in Düsseldorf
Tarkan in DüsseldorfTarkan in Düsseldorf
Tarkan in Düsseldorf © Franca Camurato

Chaos in Hamburg

Unfortunately however, it seems that the eye-witness reports from the chaotic Hamburg concert have cast a shadow over the successful day in Düsseldorf.

Fans have written in to describe a chaotic push for seats as the seating arrangements were unassigned, and that the lack of organisation meant that many of the younger fans were in danger of being crushed in the stampede for seats.

A German fan has written to complain that he has been to many concerts in Germany, but had never seen "such a lack of uncaring towards the fans ever", while our same American reader residing in Germany who attended both the Düsseldorf and Hamburg shows expressed her regret at the chaos that was intense enough to mar her Düsseldorf delight.

Revealing that neither concert was the professional put-together concert she had expected for a major performer, and reading like a doomsday scenario, she described the moment the doors opened for the crowd to enter - almost thirty minutes late.

"I had never been in this kind of crushing/pushing crowd before. There was a young girl in front of me that I was scared for and tried to push some people off of her. I swear I had visions of the soccer crowd fatalities. One man was screaming that the standing-floor crowd was getting in first."

Another British fan complained about the rough handling of the German security and for all the money he had paid for his wife and children to be at the Hamburg show, they had been treated "like criminals".

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