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Friday, October 24, 2008

Things in October

Nuggets of news from the October headlines:
  1. The world's oldest Bible was discovered over 160 years ago and is very different from its modern incarnation.
  2. There are two surviving £1 million banknotes out of nine made after the Second World War.
  3. Stories surrounding the Wall St Crash of 1929 about the high rate of suicides amongst bankrupt investors are myth.
  4. SATs for 14-year-olds have have been abolished in schools across Britain.
  5. A recent UK study suggests that ethnicity has a major impact on a child's health, behaviour and thinking ability from the age of five.
  6. Sex education in English schools will be taught to children aged as young as five.
  7. Experts suggest human HIV infections might have started over 100 years ago.
  8. Males goats are made to wear condoms in Kenya.
  9. The relaunch of a chocolate bar has helped the sales of manufacturer Cadbury in the UK.
  10. The Smurfs are Belgian.

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