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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fields of Yesterday

we lay in the fields of our breathing,
feeding the fear of excitement,
feeling life pushing, a moment of
mentalphysical exultation

as we sowed our seeds waiting
for the sunrise - in the darkness
we were a melding of souls
firing the skin's atmosphere,

we gave each other fire, bodies
confessing to the other's desire,
eyes shining in the knowledge
of breathing the same air,

meanings blurred with the hunger
of hands that thrilled-stilled when
its twin touch was near,
we were fleetingly immortal:

rallying against the approaching
empty stare of a future
that nothing would fill
ever so greatly as before,

mouths did not speak here,
no audible words were needed
at the level of soil where so many
have gone lost in love and war.

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