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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry, Get Dirty

poetry get dirty with me,
spill ink on these fingers,
trick me into writing
as though I have a choice,
distil me, thrill me,
instil in me
all you need to say,

poetry be my purest form,
access me, use me
as though you've only
known me two days,
but love me long,
like a song
that saves lives,

or poetry be a song
sung far too long
that never leaves the mind,
when all else is gone,
be the only thing
left behind
to make me cry,

poetry fight the lies,
stop me, show me, be me
against the greatest wrong,
turn me, burn into me
with all your might,
break down walls that
get in the way of sight,

poetry save me
with a few choice words,
light the way
for a better day,
tell me how to live
with a voice that doesn't hide
but reads from the inside.

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