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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tarkan's Belgian Show Scandal

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's Belgium show cancelled
Official site of venue Forest National posting up news of Tarkan's cancellation yesterday
After Tarkan Deluxe reported yesterday that Tarkan's final venue for the December leg of his 2008 Metamorfoz European Tour had been cancelled, numerous angry and frustrated fans have emailed the blog to complain about the cancellation, with some of them labelling the last minute decision as "scandalous".

With no further explanation or apology forthcoming from any of the official sites, fans are upset that the cancellation for the 21 December show came so late, with many of them having purchased tickets to the event at least a month or so before.

"This shows a huge lack of respect for the fans from all those involved in the organisation," writes one fan from France. "I took time off from work, and now need to worry about trying to get a ticket for another concert so late and getting my refund for the one cancelled. It's a disgrace!"

As part of Tarkan's 2008 Metamorfoz European Tour, and under the organisation of promoter Redwhite Events, Tarkan had planned to meet with tens of thousands of his fans across the European continent in a variety of venues up to 21 December.

It will be a pity that Tarkan's December run of concerts having started so well, now seems to have ended controversially, running the risk of affecting future ticket sales in Europe for the pop star.

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