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Saturday, January 17, 2009

In a Frenzied Sea

mouths as boats
rocking gently
on arched shorelines,

here and there,
exceeding, yet disappearing,
finding, losing,
growing, ever growing,

no allegory
but this sea
that cannot be parted
by any holy hand,

issuing a frenzied embrace
locked and flared in flux,
naked and teasing,

a caressing underflow,
silky waves stroking across
the edges of its skirts,

an urgent pull
from the soft naked flesh
of waters, combing fingers
in frantic strokes

swimming, now rocking gently,
now slipping, thrusting,
dipping into the creamy wetness
of an ocean's crescendo,

as clouds mount the sky,
teasing their lips
with tips of rain
falling, falling, falling

to penetrate its membrane,
entering, drowning,
melting as one ecstasy,
dissolving in the great
expanse of the sea.

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