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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Kids of Haven

The Kids of Haven

It was our first year at university, all of us living the luxury that first independence affords, away from home and in a different city. But we all decided pretty quick after meeting it had been some kind of cosmic karma that had made all five of us choose that house to live in for our first year, instead of halls.

There was Nicola, Tom, Maxine, Phil and me, Leyla, suddenly taking part in each other's story.

Haven was like our club, something we called ourselves after we decided it was the necessary thing to do. It seemed silly, of course. We were far too old for such things, but thought it would last forever.

We didn't realise how short forever was going to be.

In Four Parts:

  1. Polka Dots & Lemons
  2. Little Red Wolf
  3. The Time Tunnel
  4. Kids All Grown

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