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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O, Brave New World

This is a new world.

Cynics will say it is always a new world when a new personality takes on the mantle of American president and leader of the free world.

However, starting his first full day as US president, in the midst of an economic crisis and ongoing wars, it can hardly be described as an enviable position for Mr Barack Hussein Obama to take.

Those even more cynical will say that being out of pocket has made middle America give up racism, which is not true by a long shot, but some will say it.

Some, seeing a black family in the White House, will say a far lot worse.

Nevertheless, in his business-like inauguration speech yesterday, President Obama touched on many things that we stand for at Tarkan Deluxe and have advocated throughout the years - our human unity, taking responsibility, mutual respect, working for our world and keeping true to hope and virtue through any winter of discontent and intolerance.

Highlights from US President Barack Obama's Inauguration 2009

As Obama is America's 44th democratically elected leader, and as this blog's own personal creation number is 4, too, maybe it is a sign that we should readily adopt him as this blog's spiritual president - for it seems the world is finally talking our language.

If for nothing else, as an intelligent, caring, highly articulate man that has experienced the hallways of the streets and the highest offices of his nation, he should be applauded for having a character so strong that it has transcended the barriers his country had placed on the colour of his skin.

It is hoped he will give all Americans back a pride not misguided, and teach us that we no longer have to wonder why the caged bird sings - the bird sings because he is truly free at last.

Get to Work

However, flying too high is not for the nature of politics, and once the euphoria dies down, we have to be practical. That is why it was good to hear the new US president keep a business-like tone throughout his 20 January inauguration speech.

For there is no denying that Mr Obama has made history, but only the future will tell whether he will shape it.

He knows he cannot single-handedly change the world. That is impossible. But he can be a symbol, a catalyst for change, a torch that can be passed not only from country to country, but generation to generation.

If we are very lucky, our children will grow to reap what is sown today in this brave, new world, but they may ask us what we did to help turn the tide from our destruction.

What do we want to say to them? That we were merely spectators? So, there's a lot for all of us to do in re-building what these past eight years have tried to destroy.

Let's get to work.

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