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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Private Doors

I used to live alone, until
love entered by a private door

into me. There was no ceremony,
or a welcoming 'lo!

in either persistent hello
or goodbye to warn me

of your coming. There you were
suddenly, unceremoniously calling

for the special musky spice
that you smelt on my skin,

ginger and dark chocolate
locked in a sweet, wetsuit

of refracted sweat coming
from the sea within.

You climbed up
on my roof to bathe

in my private pools,
and never felt the need

for towels. We were too
comfortable to know shame.

I read you love poetry
wrapped up in an assortment

of different names. We gilded
each others thrones,

but we didn't have to serve.
We had given enough.

What was ugly in us,
we made beautiful.

Words were right and understood.
Touches were good.

We ignored the world that
didn't reflect in our eyes.

And the world seeing our love,
wisely forgave us

for wanting a brief swim
in this sea within.

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