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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tangled Roots: Part 1


as the major unwinding
of my little knot of time began,
I tangled my own roots, they ran,
buried deep beneath the earth
stumbling over bones of the dead,

searching for water
in the soil's stead, where
the past and future live
in muddied lines of dark perspective --


it found you there,
an ocean of nutrients wherein
my sensibilities melted with your scent,
and I buried myself deeper
into you,

bodies rooted together
like bark and earth,
like a whole lifetime
married into an indivisible line;


soft, damp and fertile,
I drew water from the lips
of your earth, it flowed through me
like porous breath on skin -
leaving traces of your salt
on my roots, as I moved within you,

hot and molten
to the centre of your earth,
a timeless nirvana,


while at the ground level of skin,
branches tossed back their heads
and the wind ripped
at the hair of blossoming fruits,

to watch our moon fast
melt majestic before the stars,
as my roots tied us tighter
than time's own past.

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