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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tangled Roots: Part 2


I want to root you
beside rail tracks,
as the belly of our trains
thunder-wind past,

a kinetic rush of perfume,
of a thousand, thousand stars
neither meek, nor brief,
gliding and screeching past
the axis of the earth
rumbling beneath, atop,
and in us --


as lightning mounts
to reach and roar toward the sky,
as Nature's power flows
within and between
to devour me and you,

I want to root you
amongst tigers
hidden in forests
heavy with sticky dew,
which move and paw
on fragrant earth,

muscle and sinew
lusting to lunge, claws
thrusting with the force
of its acceleration;


a breathless exultation, or
blurring exhilaration
with no fear, no inhibitions,
with only demands --

as trees demand the release of spring,
or the Earth demands the Moon,
drawn to the ocean
that must fill its bed;


like the pulsating pull
of the elements that dance
a dizzying leap
of creativity

in our deepest deep,
I want to root you
so that you'll take root
forever in me.

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