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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tangled Roots: Part 3


you answered my call:
we kissed as towers of rain
tumbled onto green pastures,

a cooling wind rustling heated leaves
and the tide of sweat,
flowing back and forth
absorbing each other's history
while making our own --


we watched the heated rain
seep into the flesh of the earth,
their bodies rubbed hot
and wet against one another
in the branches of the trees
as you hugged me,

and I whispered my need more;
to show you my roots, an entangled wire --


hidden like desire,
like fire
that wants oxygen
they reached for you,

a burning that wraps
even when only
ashes remain,

dangerous, beautiful,
silken, untameable,
the light of love and war


and you're touch --
turning on a new switch
that's always been a part of me
but one I couldn't feel before;

I reached for you
quietly, and whispered for you
to finally
untangle me.

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