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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Cage of Solitary Cry


A tempest's beat leads me
to the cliff-edge precipice
of perilous sentiments, where
I dream of what we could have been
had love taken place in our elements:

The fall is deep. Yet, I follow
the naked shadows we danced with once,
which now sleep lonely in my room;
a draughty museum of scent
where your artefacts stand round,
staring blankly at the walls.


Lassoed by a hollow line -
stronger than the vain hope
of souls that run for shelter
before the rain, stronger than
the static words in which
we slaughtered love's design -

The need comes suddenly. Like gulls
squawk-bursting from a lake it comes,
long waves breaking under a loom
of a spray-flung sea; a fluttering
thunder of wings and bellies
out in the open and wheeling free.


I write such poetry on the out
to speak to the breath within,
but words no longer heal me:
docked in paper eventuality
they stand summarily accused,
judgement is the only eventuality.

Undone by the virtuosity of angels
and all we had in life's due,
I'm a virtuality, I'm in-between,
I'm the future we took from our child
to live in the sun and in you:
I'm all that weeps in this sky,
locked in a cage of solitary cry.

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