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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ten Ways of Spending Time


There are ten ways
to make sure
we give our life meaning;
even at its end:

1. Nurture yourself,
and your garden,
then nurture your world.

2. Make giving,
as well as taking,
a lifetime hobby.

3. Know the power of goodbye,
and use it sparingly.

4. Be intimate, be charitable,
but foremost be knowledgeable.

5. Don't collect hate, or lie,
even when it's beneficial
to you.

6. Get yourself out of breath
but never out of respect.

7. Food is fate, and
the physical pleasure
that lasts longest in life.

8. There is no pride of dress
to hide a life
less than straight.

9. When the sun isn't shining
be your own sun.

10. Learn all the ways
to say sorry, and know
when to choose
the right one.

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