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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Three Minutes Happiness Shop

The Three Minutes Happiness Shop

I met Natsumi
at her favourite haunt,
an antithesis to me
but a steeple for night owls,
a neon wonderland in west Tokyo
attracting plenty
of the beautiful people.

I'll meet you
in the Three Minutes Happiness shop
at nine
she said,
and I tried not to look distressed
at meeting in a store
that promised happiness
for three minutes and not much more.

Not wanting to lock eyes amongst
stocks of numerous cheerfully
coloured basics and supplies,
But that's just a bargain shop,
I'd foolishly said, how about
the park instead

Her shock was unforgiving.
But darling, it's trendy.
Everyone goes there.
Who will see us otherwise
And it left me wondering
how such a beautiful cupboard
could be so bare.

Who cared if lovers met
in bargain hunt stores
infected by fifties Americana,
that only offered happiness
for the briefest time?

But it was her neighbourhood
after all, an eye line where money
helps when the price of a bedroom
starts around a figure well above
the number of its population,

and crowds of young fashionables
teem around sports stadiums,
dizzyingly large department stores
and dream-set studio streets,
which host their show and tell.

So I met Natsumi,
not knowing that she had lost me
down the deepest, deepest well,
among trinkets that glowed
and promised happiness
for the quickest sell.

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