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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Phyiscal Epiphany

Phyiscal Epiphany


Stop there.
Don't move now.

Lost in a poem such as you,
I need to record
the precise instant
meaning came to me.
A crushing epiphany.

Don't speak.
Don't make a sound.

Let me add the pivotal
semi-colon - ; - there
let it stir debate,
let the air pause to see
your visual beauty.

Don't ask to understand.
There's no need to know.

What our poem signifies
is debatable; let critics argue
if it deliberately transcends
the traditional form.
We're a non-linear storm.


Now touch me there.
Low. Go slow.

My need to translate
my perception of you,
in the midst of words fluttering
like birds in perfect formation,
is a flying sensation.

Drown or come up for air.
Tell me where to go.

Let others talk on which verse
is subordinate, or whether
the poetry in whole
is of equal cadence.
It's of no importance to us.

Just don't ask to understand.
There's no need to know.

Who cares if we're ground
in sound-content or
pulsating technique?
Weak against inspiration,
this poem is the only consideration.

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