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Friday, May 01, 2009

Things of Learning

Things to learn from the news headlines:
  1. The first woman Poet Laureate has been appointed in the 341-year history of the post in the UK.
  2. A two-year-old girl has joined high IQ society Mensa, while a 10-year-old girl has suffered burns over 70% of her body after spending 16 minutes on an unsupervised sun bed.
  3. The number of websites showing and selling images of child abuse has fallen in the last 12 months.
  4. Inter-ethnic relations in Hungary are worsening in 2009, while elections split a Dutch-Belgian community.
  5. The African continent has been discovered to be the most genetically diverse place on Earth.
  6. Human beings are not unique in learning to dance to the beat - parrots can groove, too.
  7. Spiders from Israel have violent sex.
  8. Scientists have rendered objects invisible to near-infrared light.
  9. A web tool that "could be as important as Google" - in that it answers questions directly - has been invented.
  10. A British engineer delivered his baby son after watching a instructional video on YouTube.

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