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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Unlocking Eros


so many have asked
what is love; who am I
to answer it?

made from love,
born from love,
raised on love;
who am I
to answer it?

but I try
to call Eros
and listen -
to catch its music
with these words:

so who am I
to answer for love?

love is sometimes I,
and I sometimes love.


love is sometimes a poem
pursued by the poet,
reaping nature's metaphors

from moonlit fields,
to replace mundane images
with a brighter hue,

or capturing a visceral sense
that diffuses, infuses
the poet anew.


love is sometimes dwelling
in the cracks
that no one knows,

with only its hand
to come
below to tickle
your weary toes.


love is sometimes the freedom
to turn to the one
you love like the sun,

or sometimes the freedom
to just shine from afar
and be who you are.


love is sometimes searching,
and though never finding,
still searching,

and love is sometimes hurting,
always losing, yet
still loving.


love is sometimes unlocking,
and locking, the deeper parts
of the few,

and love will always be love -
whatever that may mean
to me or you.

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