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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hidden Ruins


you fell asleep,
slipped clear away --
as far as the deepest root
and open wound --

into some torn midnight,
ripped open the belly
of the clock that measured
our beat; stopped

the noise on the street,
your fuzzing shine
was as filament
to these eyes; now

they're starless skies as
my limbs are candle
wick, burning sticks,
no where to go

that will not show
imprints of a head
which shall never grow
old next to mine;


you fell asleep
amongst hidden ruins
I cannot find,
though I try; and

I wonder why
you didn't think
to throw crumbs
for me to follow,

or signal how I might
wake you, save you from
lying lonely in its dark,
how shall I find you? --

should I fall asleep, too,
to be as near as sorrow
and as far as the bow
that loosed its arrow,

or should I wait to be
plucked by a scarlet wing,
as I heard my heart sing
Love has no ending.

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