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Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Honour To Be Like Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

EmirTurkish newspaper Yeni Asır has ran an interview with singer Emir, who recently released his début album through Tarkan's music label HITT, in which he talks about the history of the album and how he came to meet the famous pop star.

The article writes that with Tarkan at the top of a long list of some of the biggest names in the Turkish pop industry supporting him for his first record, he is making noise in the media with his physical similarities to Tarkan as well as his music. To the critics calling him a Tarkan clone, in the report Emir reveals, "in fact those that come up close see that I don't look like Tarkan at all. But I'm honoured to be compared to him in his work discipline and respect for the job.

"He's so special that it's a big honour when people say I resemble him," he is quoted as saying. Adding that people will love him for himself once they get to know him, Emir calls Tarkan "his generation's idol".


In the interview, the singer also explains how he came to meet his idol and collaborate on the title track to his 2009 album, Tarkan penned song "Ben Sen Olamam" (I Can't Be You). The famous pop star not only lent his vocals for the track, but featured in the music video, too.

<< Watch Emir's video "Ben Sen Olamam"

EmirEmir details how, having studied media in university, he took his first steps in the industry behind the camera before working for a PR agency, giving him the opportunity to meet many stars in the music industry. Starting on an album project on the suggestion of the agency, his main wish had been to meet and work with Tarkan's music arranger Ozan Çolakoğlu, and after managing to arrange a meeting with Çolakoğlu, had so impressed him that he agreed to oversee the whole album's musical development.

"I met Tarkan due to the album ... and that was because of Çolakoğlu, too. I got real excited when he said he'd got Tarkan to listen to the album. I told him that I had to meet Tarkan face to face and talk to him about my songs. When we met in the studio Tarkan said to me, "Everything is great but there's one thing missing." The moment he said that I knew he was going to complete the missing piece. I think my honesty appealed to Tarkan, that's why he gave me a helping hand."


Describing the collaborations on his album as priceless, Emir notes that the support given was through love, not money.

"You couldn't have brought all these people together with money ... the important thing is to make people realise that I do this job because I really love it. If I wanted to take the easy route, this album would have been released ages ago. But I'll reply to people's criticisms with the albums I make."

Riding high on the media buzz generated around him, the singer's first release entered straight in at 22nd position in Billboard's weekly look at the Turkish charts this week.


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