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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Peripatetic Synaesthesia


burning back, burning comes,
merging, joining the senses
in the literal, physical,
metaphorical, metaphysical,

burning forward, burning hums,
in a world now slightly
but magically different,
fired in sensations of scent,

burning in, burning out,
blending colours and shapes
to a roller-coaster ride,
in which we slip and slide,

burning hiss, burning shout,
one sense waking all others
to crown the opening sky,
with a burning cry.


burning red, burning blue,
spoken letters have hue
and sounds taste of you and I
on the skin's stimuli,

burning hot, burning true,
vivid, consistent touches
entice remains of modesty
to come, come and see,

burning slow, burning fast,
feeding on the fruits
of this syndrome's labour,
hard work at witching hour,

burning first, burning last,
bodies constantly moving
towards a perfect soul,
apples half, now apples whole.

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