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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Press Comments About Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

With summer officially under way and Turkish artists releasing their seasonal blockbusters, Tarkan Deluxe reports on Tarkan related articles from columnists in the Turkish press discussing the latest musical contributions and other issues over the weekend.

Journalist Hakan Gence writing in his Saturday columns for newspaper Hürriyet has two articles dated 13 June 2009, which mention Tarkan. While he polled some of the Turkish music industry's critics and DJs for their opinion on the summer's latest hits - with two DJs eagerly anticipating a new Tarkan album - Gence writes about a poll published by a large Turkish children's toy store taken from 2,378 young children aged between 2-7 last April, where Tarkan was listed in the top three when the children were asked to name their favourite singer.

In regard to children and their wishes, Nurten Erk Tosuner's article for Hürriyet's financial section this weekend also reveals that the Bir Dilek Tut (Make a Wish) foundation lists Tarkan as one of its "celebrity angels" that aid the foundation in its efforts. The Turkish charity has currently made the dreams of nearly two thousand terminally ill children come true.

Pop act Emir, Tarkan's new protégé
New pop act Emir, Tarkan's latest protégé or just his clone?
Another Hürriyet correspondent, Cengiz Semercioğlu, mentions Tarkan in two articles dated 11 and 12 June 2009. The reporter talks about the current musical climate and the lack of memorable tunes, while claiming that Tarkan will be releasing an album towards the end of summer, and also comments about singer Emir's recently released album début. Asking "Why Has Tarkan Done This?", Semercioğlu criticises Tarkan for bringing what looks like his apparent look-a-like to the music market.

He writes: "Emir's album was released by Tarkan's company HITT. Even the first track release is a song by Tarkan. A typical Tarkan track "Ben Sen Olamam" (I Cant Be You)... As if that weren't enough, Tarkan also lends his backing vocals to Emir for the song. Probably to make sure that he'll definitely be known as "Little Tarkan"...

"With his manner, his moves, his unshaven look, his photographs, [Emir is] the copy of Tarkan. It's as though he was specially chosen because of his resemblance to Tarkan.

"But doesn't Tarkan know that a copy only gives life to its original? Or is he being clever and promoting himself on the back of Emir's career? For Emir will only come into his own when he rids himself of Tarkan's image."

Meanwhile, Sabah correspondent Belgin Çoban, in an article dated 14 June 2009, interviewed musicologist and critic Naim Dilmener - who is known for his vitriolic comments when criticising the work of music artists.

After slamming most of the recent products of the well-know stars, when asked about Tarkan's carbon copy Emir, he replied, "Who's that? The real thing isn't anywhere to be seen, who needs a copy? And anyway hasn't there been hundreds of Tarkan imitators these past ten years?"

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