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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tarkan Press Buzz Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan by Ebru Ceylan
Tarkan by Ebru Ceylan (North Star Exhibition)
Tarkan Deluxe takes yet another look at the Turkish press and the buzz surrounding Tarkan recently, with Turkish newspapers Milliyet, Hürriyet and Vatan and award-winning online media portal Gazeteport featuring the famous pop star amongst a variety of articles and news updates to previous reports.

Tarkan Festivities

First up is a news story by Milliyet in regard to initial details about an international music festival that Tarkan might be attending this year, held annually in Çeşme - a coastal town and popular holiday resort in Turkey.

Under the sponsorship of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Çeşme Municipality, Ege TV and Radio Ege, and scheduled to be held between 29 June - 4 July, the 12 June article claims that Turkey's famous pop star will be at the Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival for its 20th year.

Tarkan at a June 2009 photo exhibition in IstanbulElsewhere, a report by Milliyet's magazine supplement Cafe that writes about the recent opening for a photograph exhibition featuring Tarkan, provides an update for previously published posts.

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Attending correspondent Çağdaş Ertuna's article pens details from the "North Star - Those Holding a Light to Our Future" exhibition, including organiser and head of the Association for Modern Education (ÇEV), Berrin Yoleri, giving her apologies for being absent for most of the event in her evening's speech as she was "keeping Tarkan company".

UPDATE: See Pic of the Day >>

Explaining that the audience responded by saying that they would have helped keep him company, too, Ertuna also reveals that Tarkan's signed copy of the auctioned exhibition books sold for the highest price that evening. However, although the correspondent writes that celebrated musician Fahir Atakoğlu performed at the ceremony, Ertuna makes no mention of Tarkan singing at the evening - as reported in other news stories.

Tarkan in Eastern Turkey

Tarkan collecting litter near Lake HazarLike all the other national papers, Milliyet has also reported on Tarkan's recent maiden trip to the Turkish Eastern Anatolian province of Elazığ for a June concert, with the news that the star collected litter around Lake Hazar during his trip to the region.

The news story also includes the rumour that the nature conscious star had recently met with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel in Berlin, after attending a summit to stop the flooding of the Tigris River in Turkey - where Tarkan's efforts have come to the attention of various international publications such as the New York Times while the region he is fighting to protect has been listed as a must-see endangered world cultural site by a U.S. magazine.

Meanwhile, another Cafe article about Tarkan's trip and his show adds further details about the star's visit to a school published in previous reports.

As shown in previous TV reports, the article writes that Tarkan made a surprise visit to a graduation ceremony at Atatürk High School, and didn't leave without singing a few songs, signing autographs, and throwing a graduation cap in the air along with 220 graduating students. The Cafe news story also confirms initial reports that opening act Yıldız Tilbe started the show late, but that both she and Tarkan were adamant not to cancel the concert due to heavy rainfall.

And the latest reports about the show, published by Hürriyet, Gazeteport and Haberturk, involve Tarkan talking to Star TV's entertainment show "Mega Magazine" before the concert, which shows the star in good humour with reporters.

Run under similar lines as "Tarkan's Sperm Bank Confessions" the articles involve the star talking to reporters about his current love life and joking he could consider freezing his sperm so that he can have children later on in life. Describing the idea of freezing sperm to be "a good idea" but adding there's nothing wrong with his manhood, the reports quote Tarkan expressing the desire to be single for a while.

"There's no one in my life. And if there was so what? I'm a free man. I've rarely been single, always been in relationships. I'm now 36 and on my own. And I've no intentions to get hooked for a while. I've met a few girls, but nothing serious. I'm not looking for a serious relationship ... I just want to have fun."

Tarkan's Music Collaborations

Tarkan's new act Emir
Tarkan's new act Emir
And last up are news stories about Tarkan's latest musical contributions that include reports about Tarkan song-writing for other singers and the star's first foray into producing new music artists.

While Milliyet's entertainment section Cafe writes in a 10 June dated article that Tarkan is supporting his new act Emir by appearing in the singer's music video for the Tarkan track "Ben Sen Olamam" (I Can't Be You) - as the star revealed in a recent TV report - Tarkan's collaboration with friend Sibel Can is taking on shape as her 2009 album nears its release date.

Scheduled to hit the shelves on 15 June, alongside Kelebek's write-up that the much speculated Tarkan song "Çantada Keklik" (A Bagged Bird) will be the first release filmed to her album Benim Adım Aşk (My Name is Love), a Cafe article mentions the previously published story of Tarkan waiving his fee for the song on the condition that Can donate the money to the Association for Support of Modern Life (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) for the education of girls in Turkey.

Vatan report screencapThe news story adds the detail that Can reveals this information in her album's sleeve, where she has written a thank you note to Tarkan for the song, whilst a Vatan magazine report calls the donation of £10,000 TL (€5,000) a promise fulfilled by Tarkan to the association's female founder, Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan, who died last month (click on right pic for report).

Finally, magazine journalist Ali Eyüboğlu took a certain Tarkan collaborative partnership in hand for his Milliyet column.

In Eyüboğlu's 9 June 2009 article, headlined "Come on Sezen, You'll Make Tarkan Fly Again!", he is of the opinion that Tarkan and Turkish pop music in general would benefit from a return to the Tarkan-Sezen Aksu partnership.

Reminding his readers that Aksu and Tarkan had professionally parted ways after a 1997 dispute - and there were now plans for Aksu to collaborate with Tarkan on his 2009 album - Eyüboğlu writes, "If Tarkan is recognised at all overseas, he owes it to Sezen's songs.

"So, come on Sezen, we're waiting for some great songs that will make Tarkan fly again."

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