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Monday, June 08, 2009

Tarkan Storm Rocks Eastern Anatolia

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan on stage at Elazig's Ataturk StadiumInitial reports from the Turkish press covering Tarkan's show in Elazığ - a Turkish Eastern Anatolian province - reveal that Tarkan's first ever concert in the region managed to bring thousands of fans together for a show rocked with music despite the stormy weather yesterday, with Tarkan taking a peak at the region's historical surroundings a day before the show.

As reported preparations at the Atatürk Stadium began on 6 June for the eagerly awaited event, Tarkan arrived in Elazığ on the same date to do some sightseeing and meet with local fans.

Tarkan dining in ElazığLocal news channel Kanal 23's article reported that the famous pop star had arrived in the evening and journeyed to the historic city of Harput before retreating to his hotel to rest.

Where churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary rise next to tombs of the ancestors of Mehmed the Conqueror on the same hill, Harput today is a summer resort on a lake and a popular place not only with Elazığ residents but also with nature lovers and people of religious faith who journey from across the world to visit the region.

Environmental Warnings from Tarkan

Preparations for the Tarkan concert began a day before the eagerly awaited event
Preparations for the concert began a day before the eagerly awaited event.
Kanal 23 also reported that on the day of the concert Tarkan visited Atatürk High School and met with the school's young students, excited at the news of their famous guest.

Telling reporters that this was his first time at a graduation, and noted for his patience and warmth towards the students as he took photographs with eager fans, the pop star went on to visit Lake Hazar, a small mountain lake southeast of Elazığ and the source of the Tigris River - the river that Tarkan has been trying to stop the Turkish government from flooding.

Tarkan in Elazığ (© Show TV)

UPDATE: Watch Tarkan chat with reporters in Elazığ >>

Expressing interest at the sunken city in the lake, the environmentally friendly star began to pick up discarded litter surrounding the area with some of the children. While talking about his own personal efforts to conserve water and energy, the star gained a promise from them to warn others not to litter the lake.

Tarkan Storm Rocks Four Thousand

Magazine Turka reports on the showAnd after a whirlwind sightseeing tour, it was time for a storming show - picking up the initial concert report from respected news agency Anadolu Ajansı, Magazine Turka's article writes that Tarkan and opening act Yıldız Tilbe performed well to a large crowd despite the stormy weather and sudden spurts of rain.

While performing for nearly two hours, Tilbe warmed the crowd for Tarkan - who told waiting fans that in sixteen years this was his first time in the region.

The star also joked with the crowd of reportedly a thousand people, after thanking a "higher power" for stopping the rain, saying that those who didn't come because of the weather would be jealous of those that made it.

The report also included details of four costume changes by the pop icon, how the stage was too wet to dance, and - after bringing two children up on to the stage during the show - that Tarkan told the crowd the area around Lake Hazar had become dirty and called for locals to keep it tidy.

Tarkan's Elazığ Show (© Show TV)

Finally, a Tarkan fan at the concert emailed Tarkan Deluxe to give his own perspective of the show, while claiming that there were four thousand at the show, and not one thousand as has been reported by some media channels.

University student Ahmet Güzel explained that the organisation was a disappointment despite the huge preparations, and that Tilbe was nearly two hours late in starting her performance.

"There was about four thousand of us there and her show wasn't enough to take our mind of the wind and rain. The concert was meant to start at seven, but started closer to nine, and by ten o'clock most of us were freezing.

"But when Tarkan came on stage after Tilbe, everyone forgot about the weather," he wrote.

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