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Monday, June 15, 2009

Unions of Dark

as the first dark
takes us and the city
in its elegant arms
and carries us nearer
into what yesterday
we called the future,

in the edifying dusk
of our bodies that sing
something whimsical;
stripping us, taking us
slowly back down
the vista of years,

in the simple mastery
of their song sung,
playing to a body union,
we obey, we shrug the day
off our shoulders and
welcome the night to stay,

as we rise and vanish
in our oblivious host,
in the nothingness of noise
like a living sea
moving deep in the dark
with such buoyant beauty,

fingers step with light feet,
shut eyes of the sleepers
not asleep, but dreaming still,
until eyelids lock open;
a spark of poignant light
in rooms that brighten

and pierce the darkness,
stretched open so perfectly
to lay back all insecurity;
and in that time of believing,
of looking in your eyes
and assuredly knowing

I am not alone, and never
will be again, I know then
in its instant, that when
I am no longer sure
of the world or its words,
and the clockwork's floor

brings on the final present,
I will take that image
when I am a man pushing forty
fifty, or sixty or more, to know
that I will remain in you
as our bodies do now,

as I do now, I know
when I die I'll not go
alone to that other union,
I'll take the look in your eyes,
and tell the last dark
of the sound of your sighs.

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