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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Additional Festival Reports

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe brings its readers additional reports making the rounds in Turkish entertainment news sections about Tarkan's recent appearances in two major festivals last weekend.

The Megastar is Back

As entertainment paper Güneş heralds the return of the megastar to the Turkish stage, it writes about the "great excitement" generated at the 16th International Love, Peace and Friendship Festival in Ereğli by Tarkan's appearance and the large crowds, while amongst the general reports about the festival's success is one involving a security conscious Tarkan fan.

Worried about the theft of vehicles parked at the festival's allocated area, the owner of a scooter found an interesting way of securing it - by chaining it to the wheel of a van, reportedly drawing laughs from spectators during the festival's finale on Sunday.

Çeşme's Wild Boy of Nature

Tarkan's tattooIn regard to news stories covering Tarkan's Saturday appearance at a recent festival in Çeşme, two 7 July entertainment reports - also calling Tarkan a "megastar" and "famous popstar" - focused on the artist's style after his headline gig. While one article makes mention of being seen wearing wire-framed sunglasses at a club after his show, which it's reported he didn't take off even at night (MDG Magazine), another writes about a tattooed heart with the word 'Love' spotted on the back of his neck (Gazeteport, pictured left).

Plus, writing about the 20th Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival, in an article from Ahmet Özen's blog hosted by paper Milliyet, the 18 year-old posted that Tarkan shook Çeşme, and then went clubbing in slippers.

"It was a festival that had to be seen to be believed. After his show, Tarkan went out to party. With his baggy Bermuda shorts, flip-flops and black vest, he went clubbing. And didn't remove his sunglasses for the whole duration."

And in a humorous anecdote about the festival, paper Sabah's senior correspondent Hıncal Uluç wrote about the huge crowd of girls with cameras that greeted him at the airport on his arrival and coming out of the theatre in Çeşme, noting that coincidentally Tarkan was there at the same time!

Aegean Forest Foundation's PR rep presented Tarkan with a Friend of Nature certificateMeanwhile at the performance, Haberturk reports that the Aegean Forest Foundation's PR representative Sırma Buğdaycı presented Tarkan with a "Friend of Nature" certificate (pictured left/Milliyet).

Along with the honorary award, the foundation - which aims to make the conscious protection of the environment widespread in Turkey by protecting the country's forests - also informed the artist that they had planted 100 trees in his name in the Izmir Province.

Finally elsewhere, in Sabah's report with Aysel Teymurzade - who appeared at the Çeşme festival with Tarkan - the Eurovision 2009 entrant for Azerbaijan cleared up the false rumours in the Turkish press that she had refused a duet with Tarkan.

Reiterating that Tarkan was one of her favourite singers, Aysel confirmed that her manager had received a suggestion to duet with Tarkan.

"Hopefully we'll work something out, but I was really upset to read news reports that I had rejected Tarkan. It's just not true. Who wouldn't want to sing with Tarkan?"

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