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Friday, July 03, 2009

Building Memorials

Building Memorials I

There is building going on,
memories planted in a root
to something more permanent
than even forest dressing,

and a wooded copse left open
for steady and resolute
hands; a statue to erect
of a noble sibyl* sleeping.


A monument to clarified
lives, now tumbled
and blurred as the moss
that will want to grow

about her stone daisied
head, such lands humbled
by this remembrance to loss
lying in sculpted woe.


Here she will always be;
an oracle to duplicity,
of the death and rebirth
of life's brief legend,

in this site made holy
by her silent divinity,
a goddess under earth
of no wandering end.


The stone will mirror
her reflection to
fullest perfection; its
shape will never grow old,

it will never waver,
or suddenly stand to go
from where it sleeps,
startled by the mould.


No rain will suffice
to wash her away, rather
it will give more gloss
to her still figure,

and the years will entice
from every shore a mourner,
to come and pray to a goddess
no beauty could measure.

*In Greek mythology sibyls were women portrayed as mortal goddesses, with the gift of prophesy under the inspiration or influence of a deity.

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