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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gossip Mill Grinds Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan paying tribute to Michael Jackson during his 2009 Ereğli show
Tarkan paying tribute to Michael Jackson during his 2009 Ereğli performance
As Istanbul counts down to Tarkan's 1 August Harbiye show for the 5th season of Avea's Open Air Concerts, the Turkish entertainment media's gossip mill continues to grind out stories about the famous popstar.

While the worst comes from a fabricated story published in Takvim that Tarkan has been in Germany for two months trying to learn how to sing like Michael Jackson, Sabah gossip columnist Bülent Cankurt is still pursuing the rumour about a new woman in the singer's private life.

Headlined as "Love or Work?", the 14 July dated article claims that Neşe Erberk Modelling Agency rep, Nil Özalp and Tarkan are definitely a couple, despite the fact that Özalp has denied the love rumours.

Also rumoured that Özalp is set to release an album soon, the media has quoted her as saying their relationship is strictly professional - as Tarkan is helping her enter the music industry.

UPDATE: Özalp admits two year relationship with Tarkan (2010) >>

Cankurt goes on to claim that her album is now under the musical direction of singer/song-writer Serdar Ortaç, but that Tarkan has given his latest girlfriend a song as a gift for her début album.

Tarkan Fans to "Wake Up" Again?

Meanwhile another Sabah correspondent, Hıncal Uluç is continuing to rave about Tarkan's "earth-song" video for "Uyan", which was drawn to his attention at the 20th Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival.

In a recent report dated 17 July, Uluç claims that due to high demand the special song Tarkan penned for Turkish nature conservation society the Doğa Derneği, "Uyan" is set to be released along with its video for public sale soon.

Looking for a Song?

And finally, amidst rumours that Tarkan has scrapped his scheduled 2009 album allegedly because Turkish diva Sezen Aksu said the arrangements were outdated, Sabah writes that Tarkan has spoken to TV entertainment reporters about his progress in the studio.

"I might surprise you all in the next few weeks. A song could suddenly appear out of nowhere," Tarkan is quoted to have said.

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