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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loose Leaves

I attached myself to you
like a young poet reading
the works of the greats;

or the warm embrace of loose
tea leaves coming together in a
cup of steeping, bleeding water;

or like an engine seizing,
releasing into wide awareness
a shudder of feeling,

I knew my future
had stopped with you,
and taken the greatest turning.

I knew, you see, the moment
you sat down next to me
how it would be;

you adjusted me, like
an earring on your ear,
fixated between your fingers,

and infused me with blood
to fill my country's
changing, growing heart,

not by your contents,
or the taste of your mystery,
but just by being with me,

you were my only grail
that I drunk from without
ever feeling empty.

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