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Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Tarkan News Round-up in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe presents another short summary from Turkish entertainment and news channels covering the famous popstar, with current stories ranging from Tarkan's highly acclaimed Çeşme concert to updates on the artist's struggle to save a historical region in his home nation.

More News in Brief

The Turkish press have been busy with reports that foreign investors have dropped their backing to construct a controversial Turkish dam after the passing of a 6 July deadline, in which it is said that the Turkish government failed to meet the necessary criteria for the protection of the people, wildlife and historical monuments residing there.

In an article about the controversy, newspaper Vatan has quoted Doğa Derneği (Nature Society) campaign coordinator Erkut Ertürk as saying, "This is a decision Europe should have taken ages ago, and just proves that this was an ill-thought out project from the very beginning."

However, the paper also quotes the head of the Archaeological Society's Istanbul office Ass.Prof. Dr. Necmi Karul, who released a statement questioning the sincerity of the decision taken by the European consortium to pull out of the project.

"I find the news of European financial backing being removed as a positive step towards the protection of the environment and archaeological places; it pleases me. But I don't think the real reason they dropped out of the project is because they want historical places in Turkey preserved. When this consortium was created the region was still the same, they knew of its importance. If they now say it's because the Turkish government didn't fulfil some necessary criteria, then I don't find that very believable. I don't think the Europeans are being very candid on this issue."

Tarkan himself recently made it clear that he was still continuing with the struggle to stop the building of the dam, despite Turkish Forestry and Environment Minister Veysel Eroğlu publicly saying "his door was open" for the artist to come and talk with him on the matter.

Putting emphasis on the fact he is opposing the dam based on scientific research, "To hear people say that they'll build the dam against all odds seems odd to me really. We are trying to protect the lands in our country. That's why such speeches don't mean much to me," Tarkan had said.

Talking Tarkan

Emir in 5th position in the Billboard charts in his third weekMeanwhile, as new pop act Emir's Tarkan track "Ben Sen Olamam" (I Can't Be You) shoots up eight more places to take 5th position in the Billboard charts in its third week (pictured left), ex-Tarkan backing singer Cenk Yüksel has come out to say in a recent interview that he refused the song "Ben Sen Olamam" after his famous boss had offered him the chance to record it.

Although the music student didn't hesitate to mention the famous popstar in his interview for the promotion of his own 2009 album - which is not being released under Tarkan's HITT label - in the 9 July report headlined "I Don't Need Tarkan's Support" (Magazinci) Yüksel is quoted as saying that he aims to get to the top in music on his own efforts.

Working as Tarkan's backing singer for three years, he said, "If I wanted to get somewhere on the fame of others, I'd have had the best start there is, the Tarkan factor. It's come to the point where those sponsoring younger artists are just promoting themselves. I never asked Tarkan for help. He wanted to give me the song "Ben Sen Olamam", but I politely refused as this would have been Tarkan's success not Cenk Yüksel's."

Earning the chance to work with Tarkan came after Yüksel entered the Turkish version of the TV music talent contest Star Academy in 2004, which late rock singer Barış Akarsu won.

Extraordinary Tarkan

And finally, continuing his observations on the 20th Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival for paper Sabah, senior correspondent Hıncal Uluç has written that Tarkan's live performance "was extraordinary".

Uluç heaped praise upon praise for the star: "I have been watching Tarkan for so many years, I never saw such a performance... He gave a spectacular, unforgettable show along with his live orchestra... I really couldn't get enough...

"The audience couldn't get enough either, but watching Tarkan shed the pounds like a marathon runner on stage for nearly two hours, we took pity on him and let him go, but only after coming back for encore after encore..."

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