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Friday, July 03, 2009

A Sizzling Summer with Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Cesme Festival 2009 PosterAs the Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival celebrates its 20th year, Turkish newspaper Yeni Asır has reported today that Tarkan is expected in the region for his live show tomorrow, while sources have contacted Tarkan Deluxe to say we can now confirm a new Tarkan show scheduled for 1 August at the Open Air Theatre at the Harbiye in Istanbul.

Coastal Town Set for Tarkan Storm

The Yeni Asır article writes that the manager of the Ilıca Hotel in Çeşme, where the artist will be staying, has said that every possible requirement for Tarkan's comfort had been provided for, even to include shuttling the star via helicopter to his king suite at the hotel, fitted with a luxury jacuzzi.

Explaining that bookings in the hotel had shot up once news had spread the singer would be staying with them, the manager said, "Tarkan's manager came here first to check over all the arrangements, from what he'll eat to where he'll want to swim. We're going to introduce Tarkan to the best of Aegean cuisine."

Turkish media portal Haberturk had reported that Tarkan would be headlining at the festival's final night at Çeşme Castle, and the official poster headlines the final night at the Anfi Theatre (see top left pic), which is a beautifully structured amphitheatre in the castle. The venue fortress is one of the most important symbols of the region and was ordered to be built by the Ottoman Sultan Beyazıt II in 1508.

Taking place between June 29 and July 4 this year, the 20th edition of the Çeşme Festival was announced by Ege TV CEO Erol Yaraş at a press conference attended by Çeşme's Mayor Faik Tütüncüoğlu this year to boast that they had managed to sign up one of the biggest names in Turkish pop for their 2009 gig.

"With a big name like Tarkan, and attendees by many countries, Çeşme will have the chance to promote itself in the international arena," Yaraş had said.

Around since 1989, the annual event is organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Çeşme Municipality, incorporating various activities and concerts. It is seen as a musical celebration of Turkish culture, world music, and includes swimming races in the sea, fashion shows, cocktail parties, classic Turkish cuisine, as well as music concerts.

There is also an international song contest pitting the best from around the world for first prize.

Tarkan to Rock in the Open Air

And finally, news just in that we can currently confirm plans for Tarkan to appear at the Harbiye in Istanbul for a live performance.

The Turkish pop star has a good history run of open air concerts in Istanbul as part of the annual Harbiye open air concerts, which have been organised by his production company HITT in recent years.

Tickets for the 1 August show are currently available at Biletix.

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