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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tarkan News Round-up in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In presenting a short summary of Turkish news reports that mention the famous popstar, Tarkan Deluxe uncovers articles ranging from stories about where Tarkan goes for dinner when in Istanbul to celebrities wanting to commit suicide over the artist.

News in Brief

Turkish actress Tuba UnsalIn two reports that cover other celebrities and Tarkan, the first prints a confession by Turkish actress Tuba Ünsal (pictured left) where she reveals she thought of taking her life over the singer after failing to meet him, while the second is a report with musician Selim Atakan.

Founder and former member of band Yeni Türkü, one of the best selling music acts in Turkey, prominent musician Dr. Atakan spoke highly of Tarkan during his interview for current affairs site Gerçek Gündem.

"Tarkan is a seriously good singer. And I hear he is a consummate professional. I believe that's why he is so successful," he said.

Meanwhile, in two articles printed in paper Sabah, Ahmet Külsoy writes that Tarkan likes to visit Pafuli Restaurant, famous for its Black Sea regional cuisine in the Turkish cultural capital, and Savaş Ay - the journalist Tarkan told he wanted to pee when asked a question in 1994 - claims that the economic crisis hasn't affected singers at all, with Tarkan and Sezen Aksu earning the highest fees from their private live performances.

Polish Back to Disco NightAnd while Hürriyet's financial pages quote manager of Turkey's national football team, Fatih Terim, as describing Tarkan a great asset for the global promotion of Turkey, the artist is mentioned in a Polish forum promoting a club where Tarkan's music features amongst acts such as Modern Talking, Depeche Mode, and Gipsy Kings.

The "Back to Disco" event at the Czekolada Club will take place on 9 July, where DJs in the nightclub will be mixing the music kings for an evening of fun and dance in Poland.

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